NPSD Calendar

Are you viewing all daily calendar events?

Be sure that you aren't missing any events. The monthly calendar only displays a maximum of three events per day. To see additional events, switch to "daily list" view or click the plus (+) sign.


Important Note Regarding Event Start and End Times

Due to limitations from the website provider, NPSD is forced to input an "end time" for events. Please note that if the start time and end time of an event is listed the same, the end time of the event is unknown.

Event Color Coding Key

Please note that some calendar events are color-coded. Please use the color-coding key below to help identify events more easily. If there are more than three events on any given day click on the "+" to see all the events.

  • School Board Meetings = Green      
  • Cancellations = Red     
  • Holidays = Purple     
  • No School for Students = Orange     
  • Schools and District Offices Closed = Grey     
  • All other events = Blue     
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