School Supply Lists

General Nash 2020-2021 Supply Lists

Anticipating the needs of our students during hybrid and virtual learning, our teachers have created grade level lists of necessary supplies and ask our families to have the recommended items on hand.

Please reference the list of supplies. Should you have any questions regarding this communication, please contact the school at 215-368-2407.

School Supplies



2 Eight pack Crayons (LARGE-not Jumbo size)

4 Glue Sticks

4 Pack of Expo-markers (black)

Box of 12 "My First Pencil" # 2

Headphones that go over ears

2 Pocket Folder

1 Pencil box 

2 Pink block eraser

1 Highlighter 


First Grade

1 Pocket Folder

1 Highlighter

4 BLACK Expo-Markers

Pink Block Eraser

1 Writing Book Primary lines 

Glue Stick (1)

4 Sharpened Pencils

Box of 24 Crayons

1 Old sock (to be used as a whiteboard eraser)

Computer stylus 

Plain small whiteboard


Second Grade

2 Erasers

4 Sharpened Pencils

Crayons (24 Pack)

Colored Pencils (Optional)

4 Black Expo Markers

Whiteboard Eraser/Sock

Small Dry Erase Whiteboard 

Composition Book



Third Grade

1 One Inch- Three-Ring Binder

3 Black Marble Copybooks

4 - 3 Ring Pocket Folders

(1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow and 1 blue)

5 Fine Point White Board Markers

2 Yellow Highlighters

Colored Markers

12 #2 Pencils

Pink Erasers

Crayons (No larger than a box of 24)

2 Glue Sticks/Elmer's Glue

3 Holed Lined Paper

Pencil Box

Earbuds / Headphones


Fourth Grade

2 Composition Books 

Sharpened Pencils

1 Small Dry Erase Whiteboard

2 Black Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers

1 Whiteboard Eraser

1 Pair of Earbuds/Headphones

1 Folder

Crayons (optional)

Colored Markers (optional)

Colored Pencils (optional)


Fifth Grade

6 Pocket Folders with fasteners

(Assorted Colors - for each subject)

3-Ring Binder (2") or Trapper Keeper

3 Black Marble Composition Books

1 - One Subject Spiral Notebook

Dry Erase Markers 

Small Dry Erase White Board


#2 Pencils

Colored Pencils

2 Highlighters

Pink Erasers

Earbuds / Headphones

Notebook Paper


Sixth Grade

1 Spiral Notebook

Black Marble Copybooks (4)

Pocket Folders - Green, Blue, Red, Yellow

    - Please do not pre-label

Post-Its, Large

Colored Pencils

1 Black Sharpie Permanent Marker

2 Fine Tip Dry Erase Markers

#2 Pencils

Colored Markers (8 pack)



2 Highlighters

Glue Sticks/Elmer's Glue

Book Bag

1 pair of Earbuds/Headphones


Art Class

Computer print paper to use for drawing 

A pack of Crayola Model Magic (optional)