Sixth Grade Information

Sixth Grade Information

Why does 6th grade do its own fundraising??

6th grade is a big year for our students. They are ending their years here at Nash and preparing for the move to Pennfield. We have always made our students' 6th grade year special and memorable!

Our 6th grade fundraises to pay for their 6th grade class trip, 6th grade class picnic, farewell night, t-shirts, dvds, and memory books for every 6th grade student, and a class gift which benefits the entire school. Past class gifts have included the General Nash mural, the microphones in the gym, the picnic tables behind the school, the trees planted in front of the school, the Peace Garden, the glass cabinet in the school lobby, and the wooden collection bins in the lobby. 6th grade has also contributed significant amounts to our General Francis Nash Scholarship fund.

Our 6th grade committee forms at the end of that class's fifth grade year. This is when they start working on their budget and start planning their fundraisers and activities they would like to run the following year. All of these fundraisers are approved by the Home & School board.

Most of our families stay at Nash through their 6th grade year and will take part in fundraising for their own 6th grade student!

As with all of Home & School's fundraisers, you are not required to participate in 6th grade fundraisers. Every student at Nash benefits from our fundraising efforts. Home & School supports RIF, Reading Olympics, Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Classroom funds, Field trips for every grade (except 6th), assemblies, Kindergarten activity funds, and Colonial Days to name just a few. We have specific fundraisers for 6th grade so we can plan out our 6th grade activities accordingly.

Thank you for supporting ALL of our Nash students!!!